Friday, 9 November 2012

November School Saturday contd.......

 We had a fun cookery lesson making toffee apples as a Guy Fawkes night (almost) activity. We all looked forward to going out to  see a Firework Display, but the weather was so appalling that we stayed in instead. We spent prep painting plaster casts, I had a dinosaur, Chris did a dog, malcolm a footballer, Katie and Tommy did dinosaurs, Daisy did a rabbit and Sarah painted malcolm....... by accident!
After supper we played Hot Potato, which is a really fun game.  It brings together the beaks and the pupils, with the groan ups doing the whackings for the forfeits, and the pupils receiving them!
At Lights Out we all trotted off nicely to bed. Once again my eyes closed as soon as I hit the pillow. I don't even know if Miss L came round to put Lights Out. Still my alarm went off promptly just before midnight, and all of us, except Daisy, who was worn out so we left her to sleep, trotted  quietly down to the Staff Room for our traditional Midnight Feast.  (Mr Malcom appeared at five past twelve, just as I was returning from the kitchen with a glass for my cider, but I gave him a quick push in the chest, hissed "you're too early, come back in twenty minutes" and slipped into the room closing the door firmly behind me!)
We spent twenty minutes drinking cider, eating cakes and generally putting the world to rights, then the door opened and Mr Malcolm appeared. He lined us up facing the wall, then called me out first, six hard whacks withthe strap and I was sent back to contemplate the wallpaper while the others were dealt with, then back out to the bench again for six strokes of the cane which drove home the point that we were seriously disobeying!
Miss L reprimanded us all in the morning too. I also got whacked by Prof after he caught me adding "arsenic" to the list of ingredients for Mr  Malcom's sandwiches!
To be continued............

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