Saturday, 9 February 2013

February School

Well, what can I say, that was a super school. We had lots of new pupils, Robin and Michelle came back again after several months' absence as did Mr Grimshaw. (I understand that the Matron at the HBTC [Home for the Bewildered and Totally Confused] where our Beaks are parked when not attending school was pleased enough with Mr Grimshaw's progress in bed pan training that he was allowed to come to New Grange Manor all by himself. Of course, like Mr Malcolm, he did have to wear a name tag so that he would remember who he was, but it was brilliant to see him again!
Lessons were fun, and Lunch was scrummy, despite the somewhat predictable jokes that we were tucking into Shergar..... Only the best horse meat at NGM you note......!
It had come to our notice from an anonymous source, (thanks Geoff), that Mr Ray, contrary to popular opinion (and with all due respect to Mr and Mrs Ray senior) was actually born and not found under a stone, and that he had a birthday to celebrate the day after school. Miss Liversausage obligingly brought in a cake and a birthday card. I offered to supply candles, which on the day were provided to me by an anonymous source, (thanks malcolm), and Mr Reamon was foolish enough.... er that is, kind enough to light the candles and bring the cake in at Final Assembly.
We were then treated to the sight of Mr Ray trying to blow out his birthday candles. Strangely he didn'tseem to have enough puff. Every time he blew one out, it reignited itself! The whole school just collapsed in convulsions of mirth, over which could be heard the dulcet tones of Miss Liversausage wailing "Grant, I trusted you!"
Mr Malcolm gave me his "see me in the Staff Room" look, but as painful as the consequences were it was well worth it. That memory will keep me giggling throughout the long dark days of winter until next school.
Bethany Grant

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