Friday, 9 November 2012

The November Boarding School FridayNight/Saturday Morning

So, we are back from boarding school and in our usual heads again. But what fun we had!
My Guardian picked malcolm up from a convenient station, and we headed west, towards the setting sun.  We chatted her into taking us out of bounds just before we approached the venue, so that we could run wild on the beach. Unfortunately the  heavens opened, so we spent our illicit time in a cafe instead, eating scrummy home made sponge cake, and drinking tea.

A little later we arrived at school, and we were sent up to our dorms. This year the girls' dorms were up on the top floor, and the boys' dorms were on the first floor, amongst the doubt a ploy to keep us all well behaved during the night! We changed into uniform, Mr Malcolm had words with me about going out of bounds, and then it was time for supper. Miss Livingstone had pinned the Pupils' Chores List on the kitchen wall. Sadly the cook and  assistant cook had been waylaid, so it was up to Miss L to do the cooking throughout the weekend, ergo it was only right that the pupils should muck in and help.  The list was fairly split between setting tables, clearing them, filling and emptying the dishwasher and washing up anything that couldn't be stuffed into said dishwasher. The pupils all tackled the various chores with varying degrees of enthusiam and commitment depending how their own individual characters dictated.

We were told to go to bed and not talk after Lights Out. Personally I was so tired that my eyes closed as soon as my head hit the pillow and I didn't wake until my alarm went off. I had it stuffed in my bed so that I wouldn't wake Sarah as it was set for 2am. I crept out of bed and picked up the large roll of newspaper which Daisy, Tommy and I had  cobbled together the night before. In her wisdom, Miss L had parked Mr Malcolm on the top floor next to our dorm, no doubt to keep a bleary eye on us, and he had festooned his door with  signs, "no children allowed", "no admittance" "no trespassing" get the idea? Well we decided that we would wall him into his room with newspaper, so that when he opened the door in the morning to go for a shower, the corridor would have disappeared! The first part of the plan went very well, but as I stood in the chilly corridor, trying to attach strips of sellotape to the paper and the door it rapidly dawned on me that A) I needed an accomplice, and B) that that accomplice should be several inches taller than me. Neverthe less, when gripped by a mischievous idea I can be tenacious, and I did manage to cover three quarters of the door. It didn't have the full effect, but it did cause a pleasing amount of aggravation!
To be continued...................................................

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