Friday, 9 November 2012

September School

Well, what can I say about September School? We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! We had a couple of new boys, Ollie and Davy, welcome to you both. We started off well at Morning Assembly with Miss Livingstone praising everybody for having smart uniforms. Of course Chris hadn't arrived at this point, he was late, his Guardian having run into lots of traffic (not literally of course, his guardian is a good driver). Danni got the housepoint for being the  neatest cos he had the shiniest shoes. Poor ol prof was poorly, so Mr Malcolm gallantly stepped into Prof's shoes (not literally , I don't think they'd fit) and we had a very interesting lesson  about the Battle of Britain (it being Battle of Britain Day). After break we had to do an essay about the period, either what it might have been like to be working in the Forces on the real  Battle of Britain Day, or else a what if essay based on what we thought might have happened if the Germans had invaded  Britain. I enjoyed that, I got some housepoints for mine.
Miss Livingstone had  been less than impressed with our standard of maths when we took SAT's last term. (Not our fault, it's the way we were taught surely?) So she showed us how to do long division, and she insisted that we show ALL our workings out, and then she gave us a test. I did all right i'm happy to say cos I was in trouble several times with mr Malcolm and Mr Ray for slight misunderstandings about my  behaviour.
Lunch was scrummy, but I upset mr Malcolm again and was sent to wait outside the Staff Room. I was just about to be called in when Miss Livingstone sent me back in to the classroom to line up with all the other pupils. Someone had hidden the school bell, and shame on him, didn't own up until after we had all ben called out to the front and whacked by Mr Ray and Mr Malcolm..... Duffing ups behind the bike sheds are still on the agenda if you are reading this and you know who you  are! And I still had to face Mr Malcolm for my original misdemeanour!
Modern Maths with Mr Ray was rather fun. We split into three groups, and then worked on a project involving  Barbie, elastic bands, and bungee jumps! I  kid you not! Poor old Barbie (who belonged to Mr Ray....don't ask) was tied at the ankles so that her feet stayed together (again, please don't ask) and then dropped the full length of an elastic band. Each group dropped her three times, with an extra elastic band being added each time. Mr Ray wrote the results on the board, then we were all given a sheet of graph paper and we had to work out how many elastic bands it would take to give her the maximum thrill (don't ask) without her banging her head on the floor. We all worked it out to 12 bands, but when Mr Ray did the practical, 13 also worked. 14 bands and she bounced off the lino!
After this we had a lesson on Social education. We all sat round in a circle, like group therapy and voiced our deepest feelings. Well not quite. We discussed nudity in the Royal Family and the need for privacy in life. Quite thought provoking.
Danni was Pupilof the Day at Final Assembly. Davy gave us all a lot of amusement listening to his cries of woe emanating from the Staff Room, he does not yet have the NGM bum.
It's boarding sxhool next. Also a good source of NGM legends  and bags of fun. Tommy may be well enough to come so yayyyyyy!

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