Saturday, 19 December 2009

Doctor What....?

I really must get on and do the rest of the Boarding School report. Michelle has given me loads of notes, but it's finding the time.
Anyway, in the meantime, I was watching Doctor Who, and wondered if we could do our version of the series. I was mentally running my eye over our Staffroom of beaks, and I think we would have the perfect cast.
First of all the Doctor himself, my favourite was Tom Baker so we'd need somebody else who is totally insa....... er that is eccentric, and ol Anthrax immediately springs to mind. Ruffle up the hair, and wrap a soft, strong and very very long scarf round his neck and he'd be perfect (well I use the term loosely, you must understand).
Then there is his arch-enemy, The Master. That's got to be our Deputy Head ol Postie. Not that our two revered Beaks are at daggers drawn, it's just that Mr Melman looks like the Master, face fungus and all, and has the right sort of evil attitude. He thinks nothing of whacking a naughty pupil hard if he catches them up to no good....... no milk of human kindness.
And for the cyberman who better than Mr Malcolm, a dead ringer for the role, or we could shove a wheelie bin over his head and cast him as a dalek!
Dr What-not would need a couple of intrepid female companions, so step forward Miss Livingboobs and Miss Teabags, and there you have it!
We could shove them all in the TARDIS, have a super duper time unsupervised and they would be back at the end of the school day all ready for Final Assembly after goodness knows how many adventures! And tired, so any whackings would be nice and gentle....