Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Midnight Feast

We were all quite tired at the end of the first full day. We'd had several hours of formal lessons, and after tea we'd settled down to an hour's prep too. I tried injecting a spot of liveliness into prep, but all I managed was to infuriate Mr Malcolm into handing out a caning which left me very well behaved for the remainder of the period!
After Prep there was one more lesson, star gazing, but I had to remain indoors because my Guardian had forbidden me to go out into the cool night air. The others all enjoyed the lesson, but we were all very excited because we had planned a Midnight Feast.
First of all we had to get past Lights Out. Sadly, our excitement caused us to chatter, and Miss Livingstone descended upon us and placed us on report for talking after Lights Out. We kept a bit quieter after that. Michelle and I took turns going out on the landing to see when all the Beaks had gone to bed. It was lucky we were on the top floor and they were on the floor below, cos we could spy on them quite easily.
We'd decided that the traditional hour, Midnight, was to be our target time. The last of the Beaks headed off to beddy byes at 1130, and we set about waking the others. Tommy mac and Peter were fast asleep, but woke up quickly once they realised it was time. Katherine and Nicola were a much more difficult task, and we had to reluctantly leave Nicola who was just too soundly asleep to rouse!
We gathered all our tuck, and started creeping down the stairs. Tommy mac remarked that stairs make much more noise after dark, and he was right, they creaked and groaned as if to wake the dead!
However we reached the ground floor safely, and ensconced ourselves in the Staff Room. Yes, I know the Staff Room is out of bounds to the pupils, but we were being so naughty anyway, we didn't think it would make that much difference!
We had a super assortment of goodies, cakes, crisps, nibbles, chocolate, coke and cider. We raided the kitchen to look for more goodies, and the boys had a Cup Final Championship on the football thingy game . A couple of the girls nipped out the back to smoke, then we all returned to the Staff Room and chatted for simply ages. Not a soul stirred upstairs, and we were thrilled to think we'd got away with it.
Next morning however nemesis caught up with us! We were summoned into the Staff Room, and Miss Livingstone produced some wrappers, and a cidery cup which we'd been careless enough to leave behind. We knew the game was up, and anyway, at New Grange Manor we are on our honour to tell the truth, so we confessed. We made sure that the Staff knew that Nicola was innocent though, we look after our chums at NGM.
Retribution was of course, swift, Robert and I got double as we are Head Boy and Girl... there's always responsibility with office! And although we all, except Nicola, had some difficulty sitting comfortably at breakfast, the memory of the Feast kept us giggling for the rest of the day.

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