Thursday, 16 April 2009

Gulp! School Tomorrow!

It's tomorrow! The hols have come to an end, and we are back to the grindstone! I wanted to go by train, cos there was always the chance of accidentally getting on the wrong train and going to Land's End or John O'Groats by mistake, and having a few days of unsupervised mischief. However, my Guardian has got the route planned out, including some stops en route, and I've been warned I've got to be good while travelling.
Once I've put my stuff away in the dorm, and changed into uniform I'm slated for an interview with Mr M. That's not Mr melman, the Deputy head, it's the beak we call Eff-1. Mr Melman, if my readers remember aright, is ol Postie, but unfortunately his parole was revoked or something (he told one of my chums he was moonlighting elsewhere, "working" was the term he used I believe but....) so at least that's one pair of Beakish eyes which won't be glinting like gimlets in our direction!
I am experiencing some trepidation, although Eff-1 seems to be a quiet sort of bloke, he's no slouch with a cane, and, with hindsight, I do wonder if I was slightly more cheekier than I really intended. Still, the whole point of punishment is to make the miscreant feel sorry, so if I can convince him that I really, really couldn't be sorrier than I am now, he may let me off. It's worth a try anyway.
It'll be fun sharing a dormitory again. I need to smuggle in a few things in my tuck box, we must have a dorm feast, it's traditional. Depends I suppose on who is duty bed time Beak too as to when we can actually plan it. We have another little plan in the pipeline, but this one might be quite difficult to actually implement. I'll report on that later, if we manage to pull it off.
I had a moment's panic when I couldn't find my school shoes. Thankfully they were wrapped in a bag and in the car boot already. Matron would have had a few things to say if I'd turned up in full uniform and trainers!
So tonight is the last in my own little bed, with my toys around me, and the trees waving outside the window. It'll feel funny tomorrow, being in another bed. Hope the mattress isn't lumpy!
My Guardian says I have to have an early night so bye for now.

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