Sunday, 12 April 2009

Boarding School.

Boarding school is getting closer and closer. My suitcase is very nearly packed with my school uniform, including a couple of extra white shirts. My holiday homework is done too, all twenty two pages of it! My Guardian has checked the route, and we are going to have a bit of a sightseeing tour on the way there. I've been trying to pack my own bits and pieces too. I'm sure there will be lots of scope for mischief once we are settled in.
I'm already in a bit of trouble though. Misunderstood again of course, Mr M has taken high spirits as impertinence, and he is determined to reform me. Oh well, it's been tried before and I've popped back up. Irrepressible was the term used, I believe, along with incorrigible and recidivist! But then, a quiet, studious, subdued bethers would probably be more of a worry to matron than the usual article. Hope the grub's good...... you know what school dinners are usually like!

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