Saturday, 18 January 2014

January School

Well that was a great school.  Plenty of lessons,  lots  of gentle mischief, and Dura and Susie came back too! It's so nice to see old friends, There was such a lovely atmosphere, everyone chatting to each other and conspiring to do the odd bit of mischief! The marbles were great fun, although I did hear a rumour that they were to be banned next school, along with Mentos and  Doc pepper, can't think why. I know Mr Holmes  was being very cautious in the dark trying not to step on one of course! Mr Grimshaw made a couple of satisfactory bangs when he stepped on the bangers on the floor, and I managed to blow up Morning Assembly by accident just because I pulled one of the things out with my yellow book and it landed on the floor with a resounding bang! Mr Malcolm wouldn't believe it was an accident, seemed to think I was up to ask you?
Thank you to Deedee for doing the school homework....we seem to have managed to get away without  being offered any more!
Bethany Grant
Head Girl

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