Sunday, 9 June 2013

June School

June School was all super fun. I felt slightly odd as my Guardian had forgotten to pack my skirt and I had to wear black school trousers all day! My Guardian was awfully upset by the way my dinosaur costume shed  green fluff all my uniform shirt. Mr Holmes caned me for being in costume in ol F1's  lesson (we decided it was a stegosaurus rather than a T Rex cos of the spines all down the back btw) but my Guardian reckons I got off lightly and should have been whacked for the fluff too! Even suggested it should be put in my book for next term, cheek!
I was sadly deficient in the pegging game too. I tried valiantly during F1's  class but he kept on the move and I couldn't quite manage it. George confessed to pegging me last term. We tried to explain that it is just Beaks who get pegged, as they are in authority, he mistakenly thought that I was a figure of authority being Head Girl, but we explained it doesn't work that way!!!!
The Grim once again took my solicitous enquiries into the current state of his memory loss as cheek. S'not fair, I just wanted to make sure that he still remembered who he was. The HBTC takes such good  care of the inmates that I wouldn't want them to think that one of them wasn't up to scratch! ( For the unenlightened, the HBTC, Home for the Bewildered and Totally Confused, is where our Beaks are parked between schools.)
For homework, we  might need  to nip down to the local undertakers and ask if they have any empty boxes going spare so we can knock up something suitable for Miss Livingboobs (would that be Miss Sadlypassedawayboobs after the event I wonder?) for next term. Not that we expect her to become defunct next term, the coffin will be  something she can keep in  storage hopefully for years and years and years. And our other homework is to do our own version of Five on a treasure island...... yo ho ho and a bottle of ginger pop, and lashings and lashings...... of lashings.
Mr Malcolm and the other beaks  managed to spend the majority of the day  missing the lovely poster which Michelle had forwarded onto me, the one showing the  T Rex and Mr Malcolm, and asking what's the difference? The answer, dear reader, being that the dinosaur was friendlier, and possibly a tad  brighter........ not a sentiment which actually pleased ol F1 I must admit, that brown rattan biteth like a serpent. Still, all good fun, and no offence to the old dinosaurs!

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