Thursday, 3 November 2011

Night of the Cane

We had a small contingent of New Grange Manor pupils at NOTC last Saturday. Myself, Tommy Mac, Chris and Andrew all turned up together with Miss Livingstone and Mr Holmes. Tommy, and the boys and me had to go to the school lessons. We had a rather interesting lesson with a Miss Barclay-Stevens on creative writing. Well, Tommy appeared half way through the lesson on account of Miss L had got caught up in traffic. During a break we managed to souse a Headmaster of our acquaintance, ol Jonesy, with our water pistols. He chased me into the classroom but all I got were three light taps off a borrowed cane, there just wasn't the room for a decent swing, so I reckon I got off lightly!
The next lesson we attended was taken by Miss Prim from Muir Academy. The Muir is going to be 25 years old next year.....quite an achievement. I thought that maybe Miss Prim had forgotten me, so when she asked if anybody present didn't know who she was, I stuck my hand up! Unfortunately she remembered me only too well and I got a swingeing whack across the hand off her small tawse for my cheek! We did a Shakespeare test during that lesson. Modesty almost decrees that I shouldn't say who got the top mark, but pride in NGM insists that I point out that I achieved eleven and a half marks out of twelve!! Mr Holmes had given us a rather interesting lesson on Shakespeare a few terms ago, and contrary to popular opinion amongst the Beaks, I do listen in class!
Tommy and I didn't particularly want to watch the caning competition, so after attaching a couple of pegs to Miss Prim's coat, we sat upstairs chatting and putting the world to rights. The competition was duly run, and the cup awarded to the winners, and I prepared to pack my stuff into my satchel as my Guardian wanted to get me home. Miss Prim in the meantime had spotted the pegs, and do you know, dear readers, despite their being zillions of pupils there, (well a couple of dozen or so), she simply bawled out "Bethany Grant!" and sent a lad to fetch me to her! Anyone would think I had a reputation for mischief. Retribution was swift, and suitably er....suited to the crime! But all in all a good evening, although I understand that Mr Jones is still gunning for me. But hey ho chums, it gives a bit of challenge to life don't you think?
Bethany Grant

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