Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fun to Come

It will soon be boarding school time again. How very exciting. We are just a small gathering, a group of motley adults who come together for three or four days and meld into 1950's schoolchildren and their hard pressed teachers! I believe there were a couple of vacancies this time for pupils. The recession has hit hard and folk are pressed for money and time of course. I had to save my pocket money up for months so that I could afford to come. One chap turned the offer down, I understand, because he had spent his formative years in boarding school and didn't particularly want to go back there again. He can be assured that our take on boarding is nothing like the real thing! Of course we have lessons, wear uniform for the whole weekend, sleep in dormitories and eat in the refectory but the food is scrummy courtesy of two excellent cooks. And the fun we have outwitting the Beaks has to be experienced to be believed!
So at the moment I am getting my uniform ready, all washed and nicely pressed, sorting out stuff from my satchel that I don't need, and stocking it up with things I do need!
I can hardly wait!
Bethany Grant
Head Girl

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