Friday, 13 March 2009

Golly Gosh!

It's so exciting, school tomorrow! I've got my uniform neatly pressed, my shoes are shining, and they are all safely stashed away in the boot of the car. My satchel is in there too. packed with school stationery, pens, pencils and some bits and bobs of which more later. The day after school to be exact, just in case any of the beaks have gained computer privileges in the Home for the Frail and Befuddled and are looking at this. Peek a boo Sir or Miss if you are!!
From all accounts it sounds as if we will have a decent sized school tomorrow. Plenty of pupils, and (unfortunately) a plethora of Beaks, so mischief is going to take a fair bit of planning. Never mind, it's often the spontaneous mischief which works the best! Like the time I spotted a decorative bell at the car boot sale just before school, decorative cos it had no clapper, but in other respects it was a double of the school bell. By some judicious sleight of hand, I substituted my bell for the school one. Come 9am, the head beak started swinging the thing backwards and forwards, but no sound issued forth. When he turned it upside down to investigate, Matron chirped up with, "Oh dear, Head Master, you've lost your dangler", and the whole school erupted with laughter.
We're not allowed to touch the thing now, rotten spoilsports, and we do have to do as we are told, otherwise we get an entry in our punishment record book, and that augurs all sorts of unpleasantness. However, I've nearly run out of pages in my record book, and I reckon once I get down to the last entry, I'll be able to behave however I want cos there will be nowhere to add new punishments! Neat hey?
Right then, I need to go and prime, er that is, check on a couple of items, make sure they are in pristine order.And make sure my pencil's sharpened ready for Art. It really is going to be such fun!

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